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Congratulations, you qualify for High-Speed Internet! Speeds are available up to 45.0Mbps

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You qualify up to 45Mbps!

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FOR HIGH SPEED INTERNET ONLY: All Contracts over 1 Month carry a Promotional Price listed above for the Term (Months) indicated above. On conclusion of your indicated Term your Monthly Price will convert to the then current Month to Month price. However, unlike other Internet Providers, one month before your Contract ends we will send a reminder email to your current Contact Email Address that your Contract Term is about to expire and give you the opportunity to Renew or Upgrade/Downgrade your Package.

All packages are also subject to a $2.88 Supplier Surcharge Recovery Fee which is comprised of Federal Universal Service Fund recovery fees that are still charged on core components within the DSL Extreme network as well as a supplier imposed surcharge which is not a tax or government imposed fee. View more information on our Supplier Surcharge Recovery Fee

  I want to thank the person that helped me. They were great and I learned 2 new things about my email.  

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  • @wasi_r @DSL Extreme Thanks for the awesome service. I am loving it. Also thanks to @leolaporte and @TWiT
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