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Dialup Computer Setup  

Dialup Computer Setup
Windows Setup Instructions:
  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Double-click on Internet Options
  3. Click on connections tab
  4. Click setup
  5. Choose the option that allows you to configure your connection manually and click next.
  6. Choose the option "I connect through a phone line and a modem" and click next.
  7. Verify your modem is selected and click next.
  8. Then follow the prompts to enter in the dialup access # and your [email protected] and password.
  9. Name the connection DSLExtreme.
  10. Say no to setting up email (refer to the email support page for help setting up email).
  11. Click Finish to save the settings.
  12. Now in the Internet Options window you should have a new entry listed "DSLExtreme." Make sure it is highlighted or selected.
  13. Then choose the option below that says "dial whenever a network connection is not present"
  14. Click on the Set Default button (if it is grayed out then it is already set as the default connection).
  15. Click OK.
  16. Close and Re-open Internet Explorer to start the connection process.
Macintosh Setup Instructions:
  1. Click on Apple Control Panel --> TCP/IP
  2. Select Connect via PPP
  3. Select Configure Using PPP Server
  4. Click on the box labeled DNS Configuration
  5. Enter in the first line of Name server address box
  6. Enter in the second line of the Name server address box
  7. Close the window
  8. Click Yes to save changes
  9. Click on Apple Control Panel --> Remote Access
  10. Enter your username in the box labeled Name
  11. Enter your password in the box labeled Password
  12. Enter your Local Access Number in the box labeled Number
  13. Click on Options
  14. Select the tab labeled Protocol
  15. Select Use Protocol PPP
  16. Check the box labeled Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications
  17. Check the box labeled Allow error correction and compression in modem
  18. Check the box labeled Use TCP header compression
  19. Click OK
  20. Close the window
  21. Click Yes to save changes
  22. Open up Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the web.


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