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How to check for line noise on windows 98 with a DUN connection  

How to Check for Line Noise on Windows 98 with a DUN connection
1.      Double click My computer, double click Dialup Networking, right click what ever connection you are using and select properties.
2.      The last data box on the page should have the name of your modem, if not click the drop down box and select your modem.
3.      Below it is a configure button, click it
4.      Click on the connection tab at the top of the page and at the bottom of this page click on advanced
5.      Uncheck use error control at the top of the page and then click on OK at the bottom of the page
6.      At the top of the page click on options and put a check next to bring up terminal window after dialing
7.      Click OK and then click OK again. This should take you back to the Dialup Networking window.
8.      Double click on your connection and make sure that the username and password fields are filled in and then click on connect.
9.      When it connects wait for a login prompt and type your username and hit enter on your keyboard, at the password prompt type your password and hit enter on your keyboard.
10.  At this point you may have to wait a few second for a bunch of random characters, symbols and numbers. This is our enemy, LINE NOISE. If you get more than just a couple of lines of this you have a problem on your phone line and it maybe a Telco issue.
11.  Make sure that your phone line that connects to your computer is not lying amongst any electrical wires or cables in the room. Try to keep your phone line away from any other devices; they sometimes can cause line noise on your line. You can buy line noise filters and they will help sometimes.
Note: Hit the F7 key when finished. For security reasons the password will not be shown on the screen as it is being typed. Under normal circumstances, after the login information has been transmitted, you will see a message that says ..."starting PPP session". If you see a large amount of "garbage" characters underneath that line then most likely there is some sort of interference on the telephone line. Try connecting a different phone cord from the wall to the computer. If you are using a splitter, try the connection without the splitter connected. Contact the local telephone company to conduct a test of your lines.


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