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Error 692: Hardware Failure in Port or Attached Device   

Error 692: Hardware Failure in Port or Attached Device
This error normally indicates that a modem has failed. Some other situations can cause this error to occur.
This error can occur with dialup and DSL. The steps below will guide you through possible fixes for error 692.
Restart Your Computer and Modem
Shut Down your computer and your modem if it is external. Check all cabling and make sure it is securely connected. Wait one minute and restart your modem first, wait an additional 30 seconds and restart your computer. This will refresh the drivers and reinitialize the modem.
Other Possible Causes
1.      If you have upgraded your operating system, you modem may not be compatible with the new operating system. Contact the modem manufacturer. They may have a driver that will allow it to work
2.      If you have installed or removed any equipment from your computer, it is possible the modem is incorrectly seated. If you are qualified, attempt to reseat your modem and reinstall the driver. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer.
3.      A thunderstorm could have caused an electrical spike in your telephone lines and caused the modem to fail. Contact the modem manufacturer for help with troubleshooting hardware issues. DSLExtreme is not qualified to diagnose or fix modem problems.
4.      If you have a DSL connection a failed or malfunctioning Network Interface Cards (NICs) or Ethernet cable can cause this error. Check the cable running from your DSL modem to your computer. Unplug it at both ends, inspect it for obvious damage and plug it back in. The DSL modem will have an Ethernet light. Look for it to turn on when you plug in the cable. Most NICs have a small green light next to them. Look for that to light. If either fails to come on, your NIC or cable may have failed. Contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting assistance.
5.      If your operation system is Windows XP and you are using WinPoET to connect, this error can occur. Windows XP has a built in PPPoE Client and should be used instead of WinPoET.
6.      A user will get this error if they try to connect before WinPPPoverEthernet.exe is fully loaded. Wait a moment and try connecting again. Another possibility is that WinPPPoeverEthernet.exe is not loaded. Under Windows NT the user could have reinstalled WinPoET without removing the previous installations adapters.


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