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How to Release and Renew a DHCP Address on a Mac  

Mac OS: How to Release and Renew a DHCP Address
This document explains how to release and renew a DHCP lease. This allows you to get a new IP address if you are set up to configure via DHCP.
1. You can no longer connect to the Internet.
2. You may receive a self-assigned IP address that starts with a 169, rather than one that is valid for your Internet service provider's network.
Note: Addresses in the self-assigned range (169.x.x.x) are usually not routed for traffic on the public Internet. A 169 address typically indicates that your DHCP server is not assigning you a valid IP address or that you cannot connect to the network to receive the address. Though it is a very rare practice, beware that your Internet service provider or institutional network could choose to assign these addresses and route them within their private network. If you can connect to the Internet with an address that begins in 169, that could be normal for your network. If this is in question, contact your network administrator or ISP for verification of the expected IP address range. 
Mac OS X instructions
I. Force reconfiguration of IP settings
Either restart your computer or follow these steps:
1. Close any open Internet applications (such as Web browsers and email). Be sure to save any changes to any open documents.
2. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
3. Choose Network from the View menu.
4. Choose Active Network Ports from the Show menu.
5. Deselect the "on" checkbox for port you use to connect to the Internet (such as Built-in Ethernet or AirPort).
6. Click Apply Now.
7. Reselect the checkbox for the port.
8. Click Apply Now.
9. Open a Web browser, and attempt to connect. 


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