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Fraudulent Emails  

Ways to recognize fraudulent emails
E-mail is an unsecured medium.  There are no in-built systems to secure the contents of your emails while they are being delivered, or to verify the identity of the sender or recipient.  Criminals will use these weaknesses to solicit sensitive information by impersonating authoritative figures.  Remember, DSL Extreme will never ask you to transmit personal information via email.
Here are 7 tips to help you recognize a fraudulent email:
1.     Generic greetings. This means with a general greeting, such as: "Dear member."
2.     The Senders email address is easily faked.  A fraudulent email may include a forged email address in the "From" field. This field is easily altered and should not be relied upon for proof of identity. Because of this, fraudulent emails can appear to come from friends, relatives or business associates.
3.      A false sense of urgency. Many fraudulent e-mails threaten your account if you don't comply with the e-mails directions. 
4.     Fake links. Just like email addresses, hyperlinks may be deceptive.  This may include overly long and complex web addresses.  Instead of clicking on a link in an email, go directly to your web browser and enter the companies website. 
5.     Emails that appear to be websites. Some emails will look like a website and prompt you to directly enter personal information.
6.     Misspellings and bad grammar. Fraudulent emails often contain misspellings, incorrect grammar, missing words, and gaps in logic.
7.  Attachments. Like fake links, attachments are frequently used in spoof emails and are dangerous. Exercise caution when downloading and opening attachments. 


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