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How to manage your SPAM in webmail instead of Greymail  

This guide will walk you through the process of minimizing SPAM and Attachment filtering that is done in our external SPAM system. Additionally, the guide will walk you through configuring the service so that SPAM is delivered to the Spam folder in your webmail client with the label "SPAM" prepended to the subject line. Further, we'll set up the Spam folder to automatically delete messages 30 days after they arrive.

By performing these steps, you are setting the SPAM Quarantine service to no longer quarantine any messages, and to deliver regardless of their danger level and risk to you or your computer. You should be suspicious of every message marked as SPAM by this system and only click links, view images or open attachments from people you trust who are sending email that they would logically send.

Part One: Change the spam filters to Tag (Markup) and Deliver

1.  Log into the SPAM Console at https://spam.dslextreme.com

2. Select the Policies tab to open the Filter by Messages Type controls

3.  Click the down arrow next to Red Zone - Potentially dangerous mail to edit delivery options.

Warning - By allowing potentially dangerous email to be delivered to your mailbox you are intentionally removing a service designed to protect you from content that if opened could expose you to phishing or links to other sites that might deploy malicious code to your computer. Perform this only if you understand the risks and are willing to manage them yourself.

4.  Click the drop down next to each of the Potentially dangerous mail types and select Markup.
Note: For the purposes of this guide and to simplify the final steps, it is recommended that you leave the Subject Tag set to SPAM: (use this same value for all Markup items in all zones)

5. Click the down arrow next to Yellow Zone - Suspicious mail to edit delivery options. The Foreign section should be empty, but the Attachment section will have a series of extensions that are known to be suspicious.

Note - Allowing suspicious attachments to be delivered to your mailbox and mail clients can expose you to malicious files that may damage your computer or assist others with stealing your information. Perform this only if you understand the risks and are willing to manage them yourself.

6.  Click on the first file type in the list, then shift+click on the last Extension in the list to select all items.

7.  Right click in the highlighted area and select Set Markup Text.

8. In the popup enter, SPAM: then press OK

9. Click the down arrow next to Green Zone - Junk mail to edit delivery options.

10. Similar to the Red Zone steps, select Markup from the drop down for Junk, and then set the Subject Tag to SPAM:

Part Two: Set up webmail to deliver SPAM to the Spam folder and delete after 30 days

1. Log into your webmail at webmail.dslextreme.com
             A. Select the Preferences tab
             B. Select Filters in the left column
             C. Click on Create Filter to bring up the Add Filter dialog box and complete as below:

  • Set Filter Name to SPAM
  • Check Active
  • If any of the following conditions are met:
  • Subject contains SPAM:
  • In the Perform the following actions section, select the Move into folder item from the dropdown 
  • Click on the Browse button and select Junk. Click OK
  • Check Do not process additional filters
  • Click OK

You are finished! Greymail will no longer quarantine any further emails. All junk, suspicious or potentially dangerous email will be delivered to your Spam folder in webmail.


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