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Approved Modem List - Standard DSL  

Modems that will work with our Standard DSL service:

Note: trueSTREAM and DSL Direct services come with an issued modem. User supplied modems are not allowed or supported


User Supplied Modem: User assumes risk of service compatibility when supplying own modem. Incompatible modem or other customer equipment shall not relieve end-user from service and cancellation fees accrued while troubleshooting defective or incompatible equipment.

This list is incomplete. Be aware that almost all currently commercially available ADSL 2+ compatible modems will work with our standard DSL service. Modems branded for a specific ISP are not likely to work as they are usually locked to that ISP's service.

Technical Specifications Required: MUST be an ADSL 2+ compatible modem that supports RFC1483 / Bridge Mode and DMT (g.DMT)
VP set to 0, VC set to 35

Always make sure to use the power supply that came with your modem.

A few modems matching these specifications are:

AC1900-Nighthawk Model: D7000
AC1600 Model: D6400
AC1200 Model: D6200
N750 Model: DGND4000
N600 Model: DGND3700
N300 Model: DGN2200
ADSL2+ Broadband Modem Model: DM111PSP
VDSL/ADSL Modem Model: DM200
Zyxel P-2602HWL-61C
Zyxel P-662HN-51

NON-compliant DSL modem list  

The following modems are not compatible with our network.
Any Cable modem
Any SDSL or IDSL modem
DirecTV Gateways
FlowPoint Modems
Speedstreem 5250 
Note: This list is not all-inclusive. If you have a modem that is not listed on our approved modem list please send an email to [email protected] with the modem brand, model, and configuration settings to verify if it is compatible. 


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