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I just lost phone service is my DSL gone too?  

I just lost phone service is my DSL gone too?
There are many reasons why you might loose your local phone service; it's not that uncommon of an occurrence. Lack of payment, telephone company error etc, can all cause you to loose local phone service. When your local service is disconnected the telephone company first disconnects dial tone on the line and then begins canceling all services on that line (call waiting, call forwarding) unfortunately one of the services that will be canceled is DSL line share. The disconnection process is not immediate, it takes several days after the cancellation of dial tone on the line before DSL and other services are removed, meaning that even if you've only lost telephone service for one day and then quickly get it back there will still be a disconnection order for your DSL line. While DSL Extreme is your ISP we do use the telephone company’s phone lines as a means of transporting data, meaning that without phone service, and without "line share" you are unable to use your DSL Service. Even if you are able to have your phone service turned back on a day or two after it was turned off the order to cancel line share will have gone through meaning that your DSL will be canceled shortly. If this happens you will need to re order service. Call or email DSL Extreme Tech support and inform them of the problem and someone will be more then happy to help you out.


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