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Stand Alone DSL Service FAQ  

What is Dry Loop or Standalone DSL?

Dry Loop or Standalone DSL enables you to receive DSL service without dialtone on a phone line. At this time we are only able to offer Dry or Standalone DSL in certain areas within the Verizon, AT&T and Frontier territories. Our dry loop service in AT&T service areas is called trueSTREAM.

How long does it take to activate Standalone DSL?

While it usually takes about 10 working days, in some instances your activation date could be activated in 2-4 weeks.

When connecting Standalone DSL, what is the telephone company responsible for ?

For customers in AT&T service areas ordering our trueSTREAM, the service will be connected to the phone jack inside your home during the Pro-Install.

For customers in Verizon and Frontier service areas, the telephone company is only responsible for tagging the line at your phone box for the Standalone service. A phone company technician will come out to your location before your activation day to tag the line. You may need to hire a 3rd party technician to have additional wiring done from your phone box to the phone jack inside your home. DSLExtreme is not responsible for any charges associated with hiring a 3rd party technician.

Can I change my regular DSL to Standalone DSL?

If you have DSL service with DSLExtreme and are in a Verizon or Frontier territory, you are able to convert your DSL to Standalone DSL. In order to do this you must call the Verizon or Frontier business office and tell them that you need to add a permanent remark on your account stating “Voice Disconnect Authorization received from (your name and date).” Once the remark is made we will be able to place our order to convert the DSL. After the conversion order is placed it will immediately bring down your dial tone.

If you have Standard DSL in an AT&T service area, contact our billing and order's department to ensure that trueSTREAM is available in your area. If so, then they will help you take care of converting your service.   



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