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Basic troubleshooting: trueSTREAM  

Basic Troubleshooting: trueSTREAM
 1. In case you need to talk to tech support note the model number of the modem (Model numbers are located on the face of the modem underneath the lights.

2. Note the status of the POWER , BROADBAND and SERVICE lights. What color is each light? Is it on, off or blinking? IE: Power: solid green, broadband: blinking red, service: off". A blinking broadband light indicates that the modem has no sync and cannot "hear" the .
Figure 2
3. To troubleshoot no sync: Look at the back of the modem and look at the GREEN PORT labeled "DSL Broadband " (Figure 2). Verify that there is a cord plugged in there. If so, make sure it is pushed in all the way. Trace the cable back from the port to the other end to verify it is plugged and firmly connected into the wall jack.
Figure 3
If the phone cord was not plugged in, then this is likely the problem (assuming nothing else is wrong).  The setup should look like Figure 3. If the cord is currently plugged in, proceed to the next step.
4. Power cycle the modem by disconnecting the power cable. Wait one minute then return power to the modem. Wait about 2 minutes for the modem come back up. If there is still no sync (Broadband off/blinking or red) move on to step 5.
5. Swap the phone cable. Connect the modem with a different phone cable. Make sure the new phone cable is ten foot long or less.
Figure 4

6. Still no sync: Perform a HARD RESET by holding down the recessed RED reset button located on the back of the modem for 30 seconds while the modem is powered on. It may take about 2 - 4 minutes before the lights come back on and stabilize. Warning: resetting will return your modem to the same settings used when the modem was first installed. If you have customized the settings on the modem, you will have to log in and reconfigure it after resetting. 

If all the above steps fail to restore sync, contact tech support.



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